Toothache | 6 best toothache remedies at home

Toothache is a problem that is very common aswell very irritating and painful , so here we are discussing some of effective and best home remedies for pain in tooths due to filling , cavities in tooths or sometimes injury. 

Toothache remedies at home

1. Clove – Take a big clove and apply it under teeths for sometime. It has eugenol that is very helpful for toothache as it has anti bacterial anti fungal anti inflammatory anti oxidental health benefits. Its is being used since long time for many of home remedies. During toothache at night time this remedy is very easy and helpful.

2. Turmeric and mustard oil – Its a key and most effective toothache home remedy.Make a paste of turmeric and mustard oil and rub it all over on your teeths and main or infected area and leave it for around 1/2 hour and than gargle with luke warm water. You’ll be surprised to see the results. Sometimes toothaches cause headache so in that case this remedy is very helpful.

3. Salt water gargles – Boil some water and add some salt in it for gargles. As salt has some anti bacterial facilities that helps to get the nerves calm and let the pain fade away. You can try this for 3/4 times a day.The first step to be taken during severe tooth pain is salt water gargles as these toothache leads headache.

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4. Brush gently – Take some gentle toothpaste and brush over eat with soft hands to get the area cleaned and nerves get calmed. Clean the whole mouth very softly to get all bacterial infections out, pain in tooths gets calmed and than vanished.

5. Garlic juice – It is also very effective remedy for toothaches and mouth problems. Crush the garlic to let their juices out of their cloves and apply directly on effected area . As garlic calms the alarming pain of your toothache and helps removing harmful bacteria out of your mouth and body, its the best toothache remedies to be done at home.

6. Guava leaves – Most of people doesn’t knows but guava leaves are very helpful in mouth problems . Add water with these leaves and let it boil completely to get the juice mixed in water when it’s done removes leaves from water and when water gets normal temperature drink it . It shows great results a must try remedy. Toothache due to chewing tobacco will also gives relief through this remedy.


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