Pressure Washer Ball Valve | Reviews | Buying guide 2020

Pressure Washer Ball Valve – There’s lot of work that needs to be done in cleaning like washing vehicles, washrooms, or any place that required high pressure of washer to clean so for that these pressure washer ball valve works great as it implement such great pressure at a point that any kind of dirt, stains,oil marks or any hard dirt gets cleaned.

Pressure Washer Ball Valve

Tool Daily High Pressure Washer Ball Valve

Tool daily is a great brand in the field of pressure washers as accessories manufactured by them are durable and working are fine for high pressure and even every kind of work. This brand can be trusted as you won’t get disappointed by using the products.

  • This ball valve for pressure washer has 3/8″ quick connector and 3/8″ quick-connect plug that is easy to connect ball valve to gun, nozzle, pump and hose also.
  • It can work to a maximum pressure of 4500 PSI and to maximum working temperature of 158 degree fahrenheit.
  • The design pattern of this pressure washing ball valve is constructed in a way so that it can sustain pressure washer hose.
  • The functioning working of this pressure valve is very easy as it has quick connecting and disconnecting fitting that is easy to turn on and off and also offers great leverage under high pressure.
  • Product quality is also very great as its made up of rust free steel for a longer life.

Ultimate Washer Pressure Ball Valve

Ultimate power washer is also a satisfactory and good brand that produces manufactures acceptable washer accessories parts that gives longer durability and great workings.

  • This ball valve for pressure washer is designed for higher pressure hoses with great build quality made up of carbon Steel.
  • With the help of this ball valve you can easily switch wands, tips or hoses quickly and it also get installed very easily.
  • The product is very strong and long lasting also works very easy to turn on and off and provide great leverage under higher pressures.
  • It has inlet: 3/8″ in. Male quick connect plug and
    Valve :3/8″ in. High- pressure ball valve.
  • For outlet: 3/8″ in. Female quick connect — Max PSI: 4000 PSI
  • One of the great feature of this pressure washer valve as it’s a great superior leak resistance that can work for oil and gas services even.

Ridge Washer Pressure Ball Valve

Ridge washer is also a very great brand in pressure water accessories as they have complete chain supply on pressure washer parts like nozzles, hose, guns, cleaners, sewer jetters and many other accessories so their quality is great and working is satisfactory.

  • This pressure washing ball valve is a great superior leak resistance that helps easy to connect ball valve to gun, pump and hose.
  • Pressure valve can be turned off and on very easily and provides great leverage under highest pressures as specially designed for only higher pressures workings.
  • This valve can attain maximum working pressure of 4500 PSI and maximum working temperature of 158 degree fahrenheit.
  • This pressure valve includes 1 ball valve and 2 adaptors the adaptor set converts 3/8 “quick coupler plug to 3/8″ male NPT  thread and 3/8″ quick coupler socket to 3/8” male NPT thread.
  • Product quality is stainless steel for longer life and greater durability.

EDOU 4500 PSI High Pressure Ball Valve

EDOU is great and leading manufacturer and provider of power washer accessories as their products are great in built qualities and have longer durability in comparison to normal other brands that too at reasonable pricing.

  • The Ball valve is made up of premium quality stainless steel for longer duration and rust free life.
  • It’s a great leak resistance product with teflon tape and the ball valve is of such superior leak resistance qualities that it even can work for gas and oil services.
  • It’s a professional ball valve kit that includes 3/8″ quick coupler plug and 3/8″ quick coupler socket the ball valve fit is designed in a manner to  persist high pressures.
  • The product is very convenient as it’s very easy to turn it on and off and also provides great leverage under high pressures to switch wands, tips and hoses quickly and easily.


We hope you like our article in which we had described about Pressure Washer Ball Valve that are good to use and gives satisfactory results which proves your money to be worth spending and a life long product life.

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