Pain in back of head | 8 super successful home remedies for headache

Pain in back of head is one of the most common problem that everyone faces in their day lives and no one doesn’t wants to go to doctor for their routine little problems. So today we are discussing on some of the simple home remedies that helps you to cure headache on back and sides at home.

Home remedies for pain in back of head

1. Ginger mint tea – One of the best evergreen solution for headache on any side of head . Make tea adding more ginger ( key essential to keep nerves calm) and mint / basil leaves. And drink it hot , it helps you let your brain alarmed and ready to work again with same energy.You can eat some basil leaves as well to get relief of pains in head on one side or in back.

2. Apply balm – Any balm can be used may be it nose balm or body balm as it helps to relax muscles get the body some heat to calm nerves and intense pressure tension in mind.The heatness in balms increase the flow of blood and reduces headache due to tension , pregnancy and any other factor.

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3. Drink hot water – Yes you read it write drinking hot water during headache helps a lot to reduce it . It calms all body nerves let the harmful toxins gets out of body to let it stay fit healthy working. Headaches in morning is a very common issue everyone mostly faces so for this drink hot water slowly and get the pain vanished.

4. Distract mind from headache – Its like that mom telling his kids to keep their minds on other things during injection or during applying medicines on hurts. So you also have to to distract your minds from that things and start doing other entertaining things to let the headache converted into laughs. Tension causes severe headaches so keep the stress away.

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5. Turmeric powder – Its also a key ingredient but you must not try this in winters. Make a little thick paste of turmeric powder and water and apply that paste on your head and keep it for sometime like around 15 minutes and than wash it with Luke warm water. All types of headaches that may be in back of head right side of head left side of head or top of head will get vanished and cured through this home remedy.

6. Go to bathroom as well – Sometimes our body gas might also causes headaches as excess gas can lead to body pain and other pains. So let the stomach cleaned and healthy. Headache during pregnancy are also very common so mothers must have to take special care of every home remedies they are doing upon them.

7.Pepperment oil – This oil is evergreen solution. Take it with some water and let it perform its part. Its also a pH controller in body and helps to get rid of headache. There are some headache pressure points in body so pressing them also helps to reduce pain.Pain in left side of head is seen very common to everyone so these remedies are very helpful for that type of pains.

8.Onion – If headache occurs during summer season due to excess heat always have onions with you and eat them regularly to get protection against summer loo and if you are already having headache due to heat cut the onion and make a thick paste and apply it on your toes for sometime , it will surely work to get rid of headache, pain in back of head or top of head can easily be cured through this remedy.


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