Natural things | what are natural things

Natural things are all the elements present in the world,  all the things created by god are natural .
                                     Natural things
natural things
Natural things – whatever is in nature like petroleum and coal which is developed over thousands and millions of year process. There are many more, like even living things do come inside the circle of natural things, because man can not make life we can alter it examples can be found on your dining table, fruits and vegetables.
Over the period of time humans have altered the genes of fruits and vegetables to grow the way they want example seedless grapes, seedless banana, seedless watermelon etc.
Now for man-made things it’s all the things humans have learnt making and trying perfecting it over the period of time. We needed shelter we started from huts and caves( caves are naturally made too) to now high skyscrapers.
Radio to 8 k screens, bullock cart to bullet trains, kites to rockets and more than we  can think of,  you can say using natural things to make useful product you can use to fulfill the needs.
Living things are basically which consumes energy to survive, things convert energy from one state to other like plants use solar energy to create there food using process called photosynthesis or things which can move use plant’s energy directly or indirectly (consuming something which consumes plants like chicken, sheep and etc).
Living things usually are made of hydrocarbon. Living things can be as big as blue whale to as small as bacteria.
Nonliving things are everything which is expept living things, it can be natural thing as rock or man made things like table and chairs. If you can rectify what is living things then you can tell what is non living things are too.
Example of natural things
  • sun
  • moon
  • mountains
  • rivers
  • weather
  • mud
  • stones
  • clouds
  • rain
  • thunder storm


We should always try to keep our natural things as they are without playing with god made resources, As these are the beauty of planet earth and should always be remain same.



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