Low grade fever | 6 fast remedies for cold sore

Low grade Fever is very common everyone gets it and nobody likes to go to doctor for taking injections and medicines. So today we are discussing some of the simple ,effective and fast remedies for cold sore.

Fast remedies for cold sore

Low grade fever

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1. Basil leaves for low grade Fever- This is a very effective remedy for person having fever. It brings down the body temperature and boosts up the immune system to fight against fever and get back to normal temperature. You can eat basil leaves raw and can make a syrup type thing by boiling 15-20 leaves and adding crushed ginger and cloves to it and than drink it hot.

Fast remedies for cold sore

2. Ginger tea for low grade fever– Ginger is very helpful to many of the health problems like inflammation cough cold flu and fever also. It has natural anti bacterial and antiviral components that fights against infected viruses and boost immune system.

Low grade fever

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3. Cool compress for low grade fever – If the person is in high fever ,cold compress is a must . Take a handkerchief or small towel and dip it in water soak and than remove extra water from it and start compressing on patients head to cool down the body’s temperature and reduce fever.

Low grade fever

4. Turmeric milk for low grade fever – This is very simple and effective remedy for fever. As turmeric is very strong antibiotics against any of these cold fever flu and other bacterial infections. So you have to take a glass full of hot milk add 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric in it and drink it to get healthy and fit back again.

Fast remedies for cold sores

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5. Avoid cold foods for low grade fever – In fever body gets weak so parents give their childrens fruit to regain energy but there are some of the fruits which are internally cold by nature so avoid these. Fruits like bananas oranges and raw carrots lemons etc.

Low grade fever

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6. Wear socks and cap – This seems very common and simple but it is effective way to get out of fever. By wearing caps and socks the heat produced in body will stay resulting sweat and than breaking down of fever . In winter wear more warm clothes.

Remedies for cold sore


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