Kollu for weight loss-10 amazing benefits

Kollu for weight loss – kollu gram (horse gram) is natural weight reducer or be called as natural fat burner, the essentials found in kollu helps to melts down the saturated fat from the body and remove the extra bulky fat from body. Although it has low calories and high energy satiety particles that fills up the body with full energy and not let body gain extra fats, that’s why kollu for weight loss is best and easy remedy.

kollu for weight loss


Kollu For Weight Loss Benefits


Natural fat burner

Kollu ( horse gram ) is a natural fat burner that melts down the extra fat from our body and helps to get a lean body and in a proper shape , its also low in calories and a light diet but a healthy one to carry upon.


Rich Dietary Fiber

Kollu / horse gram seeds are rich in fiber that helps a ton in proper digestion of food and let’s the stomach healthy and light weight. One must include horse gram in daily diet for natural weight loss and as healthy and light weight diet.


Controls Bad Cholesterol

Kollu / horse gram controls cholesterol as it boosts up the immune system and digestion system and the extra fat and bad toxins get flushed out of body at more faster pace than before. Horse gram is must for heart disease patients.


Regulates Blood Pressure And Glucose Levels

High or low blood pressure patients must include Kollu (horse gram) in their diet as because horse gram regulates the blood level in once body and maintains a proper level of glucose so that anything will not be in excess in body that further creates health issues.


Helpful In Skin Problems

Kollu / horse gram is very helpful in skin diseases. One must take kollu in diet everyday in different ways like kollu boiled in water , Kollu as breakfast, Kollu as evening snacks. Skin boils , rashes , inflammation every problem can be healed through kollu seeds.


Rheumatic Remedy

Kollu / horse gram as rheumatic remedy , it is a disease in which body joints starts paining and there are many of its types but if once include horse gram in their diets it can be cured to a great extent.


Low Calories

Kollu can be taken in many ways in diets like kollu rasam , Kollu keerai , Kollu podi , kollu sundal, Kollu chutney , Kollu sprouts etc there are many dishes and its tastes awesome and one of the beneficial advantage of it is it’s very low in calories so you don’t need to think after over eating it.


Rich Protein Diet

Horse gram / Kollu is rich protein diet , for muscle gainers and weak personalities it’s been a key diet , they can include it in diet for everyday as sprouts , kollu juice, kollu soups etc.


Maintaining Easy Digestion

Kollu seeds improves digestion in a very natural genetic way as it has rich fiber content and is very light weight that can be easily digested and this effective food also helps in eradicating the intestinal parasites from the stomach.


Melts Saturated Fats

Eating Kollu seeds burns up the heat in stomach that melts down the saturated fats from body and let body weight reduced , that’s why excessive amount of horse gram should also not be taken, and if you want to than you can take with butter milk and curd to maintain and control back the heat produced.


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