Home remedies for stomach ache

Stomach ache is a very common health issue that everyone might have faced before and might will face because whole body is dependent on diet and stomach. So here are some its simple and effective remedies.

Home remedies for stomach ache

1. Pipperment – In childhood everyone might have heard their moms telling to have pipperment when you got stomach ache because it has those properties which are very helpful for stomach problems like its antispasmodic component helps to relive gas through body and also prevent muscles tensing which causes ache.

2. Cumin seeds – Its very common and inexpensive solution for stomach ache. You can have cumin in curd ,in hot water and raw cumin seeds aswell. Its very helpful for upset stomach , it boosts up digestion process eliminates gas and reduces intestinal inflammation.

3. Ajwain ( carom ) – It is very common and effective remedy for stomach problems. Mix one lemon black salt and Ajwain with water and drink it all your stomach problems will get solved , its a key element.

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4. Fennel ( saunf ) – Peoples who have slow digestion system must eat saunf after eating food as it boosts up digestion process and its antimicrobial properties helps to get the gas out of body and reduces stomach inflammation.

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5. Ginger – Ginger reduces excessive acid level available in our body that sometimes casues aches and irritation. Its also a natural antibiotics in many of health problems , helps in maximum formation of digestive agents in body.


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