Home remedies for shiny straight hairs

Everyone wants to look great in their society. It is seen that attractive persons are given more respect than others. And to be attractive you have to be perfect in all ways and for looks hairs are most essential part so today we are sharing some tips to get your hairs get smooth shiny and straight.

Home remedies to get shiny & straight hair.

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1. Milk – Yes milk. Its a great element for our hairs. The components present in milk provides total nourishment to hairs and scalp . It provides shine and reduces frizz giving your hairs shiny and straight look. Apply it on your hairs like oil massage it and leave it for sometime, it’ll smell not so good but is very healthy & helpful.

2. Multani mitti ( Fuller’s earth) – It is also a great element for your hairs growth , providing your hairs total nourishment reduces dandruff and dead skin cells from scalp and a component found in multani mitti is ” Bentonite ” which naturally removes most of the frizz from hairs making it look straight.

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3. Aloevera – This product is helpful in all body problems. So that for hairs it provides nourishment reduces frizz heals up the split ends . It can be easily applied as well just mix the white liquid part of aloe with some coconut oil and do a head massage for sometime it’ll show you great results.

4. Eggs – You might have seen other peoples applying eggs . Yes this is a very helpful element for hairs new hair regrowth and for shiny silky hairs. Girls mostly apply eggs for frizz free and smooth hairs. The protein available in eggs is helpful in every aspect for hairs. You can apply it mixing with coconut oil doing massage .

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5. Curd – It provides shine to your hairs , reduces frizz for straight hair and regenerate more thick hairs . You can apply it directly on your hairs but do this in noon time else cough cold will catch you. Try to apply fresh curd.

6. Onion juice – This is very helpful for hair problems. Crush some onions and apply its juice for dandruff free shiny smooth and frizz free hair. This method is used since a very long time , our old once used to tell this methods to their kids and also try these on themselves.


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