Home remedies for pyorrhea

Some of my friends might have bad breathe or bleeding gums or loose teeths or pain in teeths , so these are symptoms of pyria or  stages of pyria . Today we are discussing on some of the ways to get rid of those problems through natural home remedies.

Home remedies for pyorrhea

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1. Brush 2 times – In today’s world no one have time to brush 2 times either they are lazy or have no time , but if you are having problems with your teeths and gums than you must have to regularly clean your teeths 2 times a day.

2. Salt water gargles – At night or in morning once a day daily do salt water gargles. As this is key remedy for most of the mouth problems. Take a glass full of some luke warm water add one tablespoon salt and gargle daily to get rid of those problems.

3. Turmeric mustard oil and salt – Make a normal dense paste of salt turmeric and mustard oil and brush in on your teeths and gums . Its a great home remedies for teeth & gums problem. You can do it on regular basis for greater and faster results.

4. Garlic – It has such antibacterial properties that are very helpful for mouth problems. It cleanses up the whole teeths & gums and aswell fight with germs and bacterias present in mouth eliminating foul smell and keeping it fresh.

5. Smooth leaved ( kanji/ kanja ka ped ) – These are one of best and super effective remedy for pyorrhea . Take stick ( chaal ) of kanji ped and do brush as people used to do with neem sticks. These tree sticks will give very fast and effective relief to all mouth problems like foul smell bleeding gums and ulcers aswell.

6. Neem – Do brush with neem sticks for clean teeths and foul smell. And for ulcers and bleeding gums boil neem leaves with water and after boiling let it get Luke and than gargle with it. Its also a great remedy for mouth problems.


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