Home remedies for low blood pressure

This problem is very common in today’s world. And you can’t go to doctor for every little health problems. So here are some simple and effective ways to cope with it..

Home remedies for low blood pressure

1.Excess Salt – In hypotension ( low blood pressure you need to have more sodium chloride in your diet. As salt is very essential part of human body diet and it keeps the balance of whole body in between .

2.More water – Always have more water throughout your life. Our whole body is made up of water so it is main component . And in hypotension it helps in increasing blood flow and keeps body hydrated.

3.Munacca ( raisins) – Soak them over night eat early in morning and Don’t eat anything anything after it till 1 hour. It keeps overall blood pressure balanced in body, use this remedy on daily basis.

4.Tulsi ( basil leaves) – Take basil with honey everyday to keep the blood flow level balanced . And both of these are natural anti biotics aswell so it’ll keep the body fit.

5.Beetroot and carrots juice-  Have beetroot and carrot juice when available , these are natural blood boosters.It also provides energy to body to prevent weakness dizziness due to low blood pressure.


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