Home remedies for loose motion

Home remedies for loose motion

Loose motions is problem that irritates the person most and people can’t go to doctor for every little problem so here we are sharing some simple and effective home remedies for loose motions.

 Home remedies for loose motions 

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1. Yogurt / curd – During loose motions these are very helpful . Take a cup full of curd add some black salt and crushed cumin powder to get more better results. Yogurt is helpful because the anti bacteria available in it kills the harmful bacteria and gives relief to gastric problems as well.

2. Coconut water – It rehydrates the body and its essential minerals like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin C, magnesium promote stronger immunity it is helpful to intestinal problems also.

3. Bananas – Its pectin content facilitates fluid absorption in the intestines which helps to bulk up the stool, It also has potassium that helps to backup lost body fluids, thus diminishing the requirement of intravenous fluids, You can have 2-3 bananas a day.

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4. Cumin seeds – Crush the cumin seeds and have it with curd or with water .It has those anti bacterial properties that kills harmful bacteria and helps to get upset stomach back on track. It also help in hydration of body.

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5. Ginger – It aids digestion and soothes intestines and fights the harmful bacteria with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.It is a natural antibiotics for whole body and mainly for intestinal problems.

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