Home remedies for joint pain

Home remedies for joint pain

Many people face problem of joints or body pain during their old age. And medicines for these should had be taken on daily basis , so to avoid those we are discussing some home remedies to reduce avoid joints pain.

Home remedies for joints pain

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1. Epsom salt – For body pains Epsom salt is very helpful may be it any joints pain aswell. This salt contain magnisium sulphate which is helpful for preventing inflammation & pains in body. Take a warm tub of water and add some Epsom salt it in and soak that part which you have pain on and for whole body you can add salt to water during bath.

2. Omega 3 acids – Take foods rich in Omega 3 as these are very helpful for whole body. It is used in medicines for arthritis and many other joints pain treatment. Some of foods that are rich in Omega 3 are soyabeans, walnuts, canola oil , salmon fish , flexseeds and many others.

3. Olive & mustard oil Apply any of the oils to the inflammated body part or paining joint. You’ll be surprised to know these oils more  than a 150mg of Ibuprofen. Warm some oil add some carom seeds in it and massage it gently over paining joints you’ll be surprised to get the results.

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4. Avoid potato and rice – If you are having arthritis just avoid potato and rice . Its verified by doctors aswell. Have chapatis breads more in comparison to rice & potatoes . Do some regular basic exercise to reduce inflammation stiffness and pain in joints.

5. Sesame seeds oil – This oil is very helpful in joints and body pain. Even this oil is most preferred during arthritis pain. You don’t have to heat this oil just massage it over joints for some good time and do it on regular basis to get better and fast results.

Key tip : Don’t just be keep sitted or sleep for a long time. Do keep moving your body and excercise when possible.

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