Home remedies for high blood pressure

In these hactic world mostly peoples are suffering from hypertension . Pressure and work load nowadays is so high that they can’t take care of their health. So today we are discussing on..

Home remedies for high blood pressure

1.Reduce sodium intake – Hypertension is basically caused by high intake of salt. So its key prevention is reduce its intake and have healthy fruits and vegetables.

2.Have dark chocolates and coffee – These are helpful in reducing hypertension and reduces cholesterol and keeps the body awakened . Taste is awesome so you won’t have to think about having it but don’t have it much it should be in limit aswell.

3.Lemon juice –it is very helpful remedy for treatment of high blood pressure (BP) . As it keeps blood vessels soft and also prevents hypertension. It is also helpful for heart problems because of its anti oxidant capacity.

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4.Grapes – Try having grapes more times in your diet than before if you have high blood pressure problem. Grapes are multi vitamin fruits and is very high in phosphorus and potassium.

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5.Honey – Mix honey with hot water and drink it daily in morning you’ll never face high problem in your life . As high bp causes due to just high calories and cholesterol intake so try to keep your weight in control to avoid bp and many other problems.

6.Basil leaves( Tulsi patta) – These also have very anti oxidant efficiency. Try to take it in between some days with honey and with tea to stay fit and fresh.

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7.Coconut water – Most healthy juice ever is coconut . Try to have in atleast 1-2 times a week. It keeps you cool and balanced in every way.

8.Apple – apples are high in zinc have that helps to reduce hypertension. Eat it with its peel which is also very helpful in high bp. To make it more tasty add some black salt in it.

9.Beetroot – This is also very important remedy to keep high blood pressure in control. As it contains sodium phosphorus zinc. You can eat them raw or can boil to eat.


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