Home remedies for gas

Some of our friends always feels their stomach heavy having cramps bloating and bit painful. And one of the main reason behind it may be is gas. So toady we are discussing on some Home remedies from your kitchen that’ll help to get rid of this problem fast.

Home remedies for gas

Pic credit : sagarvansi ayurveda

1. Cumin seeds – These are easily available in your kitchen you can use this very easily to get rid of gas. Crush it to powder and sprinkle it more with some curd and have it and see the results. Its a magical element for most of gastric intestinal problems.

2. Ajwain (carom seeds)  – This is also easily available product and inexpensive . The elements found in Ajwain is thymol which releases those gastric juice which are helpful in digestion and helps to get rid of gas and other problems.

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3. Asafoetida (Heeng) – This is easily available and may be used daily in our foods. So for this problem you can use heeng as a juice. Take a glass full of like warm water and add heeng it and stir well and drink. Heeng contain anti-flatulent compounds that prevents the growth of gut bacteria which produces gas in stomach.

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4. Pipperment – From childhood everyone might have taken pipperment for gastric and intestinal problems. The components found in it are helpful in intestinal problems and prevents bloating inflammation and gas aswell.

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5. Papaya – Its the most important and helpful fruits for Peoples having intestinal problems. Its has that antioxidant compounds that boosts digestion power of body and prevents it from every stomach problem. You have have at during day time and add some black salt upon it for better taste and better benefits.


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