Home remedies for cough

In winters this is the most common problem and everyone doesn’t wants to go to doctor for these little problems so here we are discussing on simple and effective remedies for it.

Home remedies for cough

1. Salt water gargles – One of the most simple and effective remedy  for dry or wet both type of cough. Boil water with with salt accordingly and gargle with it to the depth that hot water will reach throat and let the cough melt and comes out through mouth.

2.Turmeric milk – this is the best and key element / remedy for cough. Boil milk high and add half tablespoon of turmeric powder in it and drink hot. It provides you that result that any medicine won’t be able to provide you. Because turmeric has that anti biotic for all health problems.

3.Honey – Honey is very anti inflammatory and anti bacterial it heals almost every type of problem. One must take honey with milk and also can eat honey only as it helps healing throat and its anti bacterial fights against flu & cold .

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4. Steam with balm or peppermint oil – It is also very helpful remedy for cough . Boil water and add balm or peppermint oil in it and take steam , it opens up your nose and throat melting cough and fighting cold.

5.Ginger tea – ginger has anti inflammatory compounds that relaxes airway membranes reducing coughs. Add all hot ingredients in tea as well like cloves, blackpepper Withania somnifera ( Ashwagandha ) .


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