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Giantex Portable Washer – Giantex is a brand that is most trusted and acquirable in all ways to everyone by considering their great build quality products, powerful motor engines, promising parts accessories and warranties.

So here are some of the best Giantex mini portable washer review buying guide or user manuals that you can trust and get the best of their full automatic and semi automatic washers for your home and commercial washing as per your needs.

Giantex Portable Washer

Giantex Portable Compact Full-Automatic Washer


  • Full Automatic Features – This portable washer is fully automatic including six automatic programs with 3 water level selection and indicator light on control panel.
  • Barrel Light Functioning – This washer contains a new feature that is barrel light on its stainless inner tube which makes it look attractive and even let you work even in low lightning areas.
  • Large Capacity With Compact Design – This portable washer is very compact and lightweight in design which makes it easy to move and after having such sleek design it has stainless steel honeycomb shape inner tube that can load up to 10 LBS of clothes at a single time which is a perfect washing solution for home apartments or taking it even to outdoor activities like camping , tracking also.
  • Imbalance Adjustment And Adjustable Feet – Most of the washing machines while spinning vibrates a hell lot but this washing machine has a unique feature that is imbalance adjustment and adjustable foot that makes its basic foot a much far stronger than other machines leading to lower vibrating of this portable washing machine.
  • Smart And Safety Functions Loaded- It has a great safety and smart function that helps in such away that if wrong operation is being performed it blows up alarm to aware you also with that if you forget to turn off the machine after finishing of the operations it will automatically cut off the power supply after 10 minutes.

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine


  • Twin Tub Feature – This automatic loader has a twin tub feature letting you wash and dry clothes both at the same time in a compact space also.
  • Simple Classified Control Panel – Its control panel has three switch settings one for wash timer one for wash selector and one for spin timer. Every clothes require different wash settings so you can change its setting according to your needs through wash selective feature included in it.
  • Economic And User Friendly Performance – After being sleek in design its washing capacity contains 9 LBS and spin capacity of 7 LBS making its very economic and practical for lower space washing needs without much wastage of resources. These washer proves to be great for washing babies clothes and diapers.
  • Portable And Flexible Design – This portable washer is very lightweight that making it a great flexible lightweight machine for easy carryng and taking it to portable places like camping, apartments ,small space areas as you like.
  • True Rinse Technology – This washer contains a true rinse technology that provides the best rinsing results ever in comparison to many of the expensive and highly advanced machine as this machine includes 2 deep rinses cycles also allowing you to maintain maximum water level up to full top level.
  • Separate Timer Control Settings – This portable washing machine has two separate timer control settings for washing and drying you just have to add clothes detergent set the timer and its designed in such a way that you doesn’t have to interfere much after this the machine will automatically stop after completing work.
  • High Built Quality – After being transparent the built quality of this washing machine is great as it’s made up of high quality dense plastic with an aluminium pump and an upgraded powerful motor to perform its actions effectively.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine


  • Compact Twin Tub Washing Design – It has great twin tub washing feature that helps you to wash and dry clothes both at the same time with the compact and sleek design.
  • Larger Capacity -This portable mini washer contains a washing capacity of 11 LBS and drying capacity of 6.6 lbs.
  • Advanced Technology- This portable washer has automatic features of washing clothes by setting up a timer of 15 minutes for washing and up to 5 minutes of drying.
  • Space Saving And Convenient- Its a very space saving design also very light weight and easily movable.
  • Powerful Performance – It has a great powerful 300 watt washing motor and 110 vote spinning motor to perform actions very easily.It can surely be stated as best Giantex mini portable washer and dryer.

Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Compact Washing Machine


  • Advanced Controls- This portable washer has 10 control features on its control panel giving you the the ability to perform various actions including controlling the water level wash timings and frequency ,child lock features and many other features.
  • Sleek Design With Large Load Capacity – This portable water instead of being highly advanced is very sleek and lightweight in design with a higher loading washing inner tube capacity of 9.92 lbs at a time.
  • Easy Functioning- This portable washer is very advanced but its functioning is very easy providing you many access like controlling water levels , speed and its transparent allows you to see the water left inside washing machine while washing.
  • Automatic Imbalance Function – It has an automatic imbalance adjustment and adjustable foot that helps to maintain the the foot basic balance of machine while spinning as in some machines balance is not good and they starts vibrating simultaneously.

Giantex Portable Compact Full Automatic Laundry Washer


  • Fully Automatic – This Giantex portable washer is a great solution for portable and compact washing as it is very sleek in design and you doesn’t have to move any of a hands after setting its function as machine will work automatically without needing your anymore and you can do rest of your other works tension free.
  • Highly Advanced Control Panel – This washer contains 5 program control panel to regulate machine very easily as through this you can change water level from 16 litre to 23 litre or 30 litres and also it has different washing feature for different type of clothes that you can change according to your requirement.
  • Highly Loading Washing Capacity – Instead of being sleek compact and portable in design the inner tube of this washer is very large that can wash clothes up to 8 LBS of quantity at a single time that is very very good for these types of machines.
  • Less Human Interference – This portable washer is fully automatic in such a way that it requires a least human intervention in their working it also includes a inbuilt drain aluminium pipe that allows you to easily drain out dirty water without utilizing larger space which proves it to be a good choice for small places clothes washing.


Hope you like our article on Giantex Portable Washer in which we have selected out some of the best portable giantex washers that are worth spending money and gives you a long hassle free and durable product life.

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