10+ surprising remedies to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

10+ surprising remedies to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

Solutions to get rid of dandruff ? Dandruff is very common problem that everyone might have faced in their lives and might be facing for a long time and tried of using artificial products on hairs. So here we’ll discuss about some of the best and effective ways to get rid of dandruff that may be on head or eyebrows or beards.

 Home remedies to get rid of dandruff


1. Hot oil massageThis is perfect and most effective solution to get rid of dandruff. And for best results use coconut oil ,let the oil get hot and than do a full power massage of your head with that hot oil , apply oil on every single hair and kept on doing that for 10-12 minutes and after that leave it for around 4-6 hours and later wash it off with shampoo and see results , it’ll be amazing. 

Repeat this process 2 times a week,its helps to get rid of dandruff fast. The main purpose of doing a hot oil massage is getting the dry scalp proper nourishment and let it grow new fresh healthy hairs with no dandruff.
Suggestions are provided that do it with gentle hands don’t rush and over do as sometimes over pressure hairs get broken from their roots.

Procedure to implement remedy

1. Warm the oil on gas stoves or in microwaves.
2. Sit in sun or in open area to get massage.
3. Gently massage it through hairs getting each hair oiled.
4. Leave for 4-6 hours or you can leave that overnight too using some hair bands or masks to not let oil spoil the pillow covers or bed sheets.
home remedies for dandruff

2. Multani mitti ( Fuller’s earth ) It is also very helpful and inexpensive remedy to get rid of dandruff. Apply the multani mitti and water paste on head and leave it for around 20-30 minutes and than wash it off with some lukewarm water and apply some coconut oil on it and the advantages of mitti is it extracts the fungal bacterial wastage on head and keep the head nourished and cool.

Peoples facing problem of dry scalp and itchy scalp must try this remedy for their hairs and head.
 The main overall function of Fuller’s earth is getting the open and damaged pores the required nourishment so that the dryness in scalp and hairs get cured and you’ll get rid of that heavy patches of dandruff.

Procedure to implement remedy

1. Crush the Fuller’s earth in small pieces.
2. Take a small vessel and soak it in water adding some gulabjal ( rose water) and wait for it to get soaked fully and get soft like cream.
3. Apply gently on all your hairs and mainly on scalp so that dryness will get vanished and new hairs that grow will be properly nourished.
home remedies for dandruff

3. Baking soda – It is also good remedy to get rid of dandruff but friends who have very sensible type of scalp must not try this. In this you have to make a paste of baking powder and water and apply it on head and keep it for 5-10 minutes and than wash if off , baking soda removes the dead skin cells, dry scalp and other bacteria from the head and than apply some oil on your head. 

Infected scalp will get cured and in future person will not get the problem of dandruff.
 The anti-fungal properties available in baking soda reduces scaling and itchiness that happens due to dry scalp and dandruff.

Procedure to implement remedy
1. Add some baking soda in water and make a thin paste.
2. Apply it over head and dry scalp gently.
3. Keep it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off with some gentle shampoo and than apply coconut oil over it.
home remedies for dandruff

4. Lemon Mostly mothers will tell you this remedy as it’s a evergreen remedy to remove dandruff from your head. Mix the lemon juice with coconut oil and massage it gently on head for 10-12 minutes and than after waiting for some time wash it off and apply oil. 

Its a key remedy self verified, lemon for dandruff removal has no substitute ,it also provides new life to dry and itchy scalp and let it grow new shiny strong hairs.
 The main purpose of lemon found is it kills harmful bacteria and fungal from scalp giving it new life and roots to grow new fresh hairs.

Procedure to implement remedy
1. Sit in sun or some open area.
2. Cut the lemons into two prices and apply it on scalp gently.
3. Let it soak for around 1 to 2 hours when hair get hard wash it off with shampoo and apply oil.
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5. Curd – As like lemon its also a key remedy .Apply fresh curd on head and let the head soak it . The dryness of head will get vanished and it’ll get very good resulting in shiny hairs. 

But one should try this only in day time and in sun in winter season. In home remedies for dandruff removal curd is very inexpensive and best solution that can be done to infections dry and itchy hairs scalp. 
One of the main purpose of curd is providing closed pores some space and let them open to grow new hairs that are dandruff and other infections free.

Procedure to implement remedy
1. Sit in some warm place not in front of coolers and air conditioners.
2. Stir the curd well and apply it over head don’t add water in it.
3. Leave it for 1-2 hours and wash it off with shampoo and apply little amount of oil on head also.
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6. Aloe vera – Best solution to get rid of dandruff, peel off the hard pointed part and apply the white watery thick paste on your head all around gently and than leave it for soaking after sometime when it’s get hard wash it off and apply little oil. 

Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week . Its most inexpensive and accurate solution to this problem.
Some peoples faces very thick layer of dandruff on their eyebrows so they must apply aloe vera on eyebrows for providing nourishment to dry part there and get dandruff removed.

Procedure to implement remedy

1. Get the white gel out from the aloe vera leaf.
2. Get all the gel collected in some vessel and stir it little to let it easily applicable on hairs.
3. Apply it on dry scalp and hairs and eyebrows or beards if you have dandruff there as well.
4. Wash it off with shampoo.

how to get rid of dandruff

7. Anti dandruff shampoo – Many of anti dandruff shampoos are there that can be tried but the one should be chosen with having proper knowledge about it as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances that harms hairs the one chosen should be soft and full of natural ingredients.

For beard dandruff the shampoo can be used but washing and cleaning should be done appropriately afterwards. 
One must avoid more or over usage of these products as sometimes hairs won’t be able to get proper nourishment due to these over usage of shampoo leading to slower hair growth.

how to remove dandruff at home
8. Tea tree oil – You might have heard about this remedy from many people and different sources so today learn about how much beneficial it is for our body and specially hairs.
It has powerful anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties which helps alleviate symptoms of dry scalp , thin hairs , thick hairs, dry hairs ,greasy hairs and main cause dandruff.
 It fights with fungus and other harmful bacteria present on our head and in our body. 
The procedure to use it is apply it gently on your head and massage it but one precaution should be taken apply some coconut oil also with it also because tea tree oil directly applied can sometimes cause irritation and pain on head and dry scalp.
Procedure to implement remedy
1. Massage it on head by adding some coconut oil.
2. Leave it for 4-6 hours or overnight.
3. Wash it off with shampoo.
9. Coconut oil- You people might have heard about this natural dandruff remedy since a long period. And believe me that if you had just heard about it and not tried on yourself just try this once you’ll be shocked to see the results. 
So first learn how much beneficial it is for our body and specially hairs , firstly it improves skin hydration that prevents us from dry scalp dry hairs and than dandruff.
In research laboratories it has been found it is as effective as mineral oils in context of improving skin hydration and reducing skin dryness and dandruff. 
And a key benefit of coconut oil is this it is very helpful in treatment of a skin condition called eczema that mostly and first causes dandruff. It has all anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. 
The procedure to use this remedy is let the oil get some warm and massage it on your head and leave whole day or overnight for best and fast results.
10. Apple cider vinegar – This remedy is also very helpful to get rid of dandruff only if the process is done properly. Everyone might have heard about this remedy for hairs since a long time.
So today we’ll learn about some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar for our hairs and its main problem dandruff .
So it has been said that the acidic properties of cider vinegar helps body and dry head to shed away the dead skin cells present on head that are slowing down the process of healthy hairs growth and consistent hair condition. 
It has also been found that it balances the pH level of body that helps to reduce the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria on scalp and body as well it also gives essential benefits to body for faster hair growth and natural good hair consistency.

Procedure to implement remedy
1. Apply or massage it over head adding it with some coconut oil.
2. Leave it for 1-2 hours.
3. Wash it off with shampoo.
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11. Omega 3 fatty acid – I am saying this to all the readers of this article . If you had skin problems since a long time just immediately apply this remedy on yourself because the deficiency of these fatty acids can cause very serious problems to your body . 
So first learn about some of its benefits and how to apply it over yourself . The Omega 3 fatty acids makes up the cell membranes that surrounds over cells and are very crucial in functioning of our heart, immune system and lungs. 
It’s very beneficial for skin health and also manages oil production and hydration level in our body as well it improves the very important immune system of our body that fights against all the diseases and other harmful bacteria fungus and viruses present in our body.
 The deficiency of these acids may cause dry skin dry hairs and dandruff for sure. So after reading about this much benefits of this element learn where to get it and what the sources of Omega 3 fatty acids so you can get these from fishes like salmon, trouts and also from flax seeds , chia seeds and walnuts etc.

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 Conclusion and key tips to get rid of dandruff

1. Drink more water.
2. Avoid eating food hot.
3. Avoid eating junk and oily food.
4. Have more curd and cold food drinks.
5. Have more fruits and green vegetables.
6. Do exercises to release stress and get the harmful toxins out of the body.
7. Don’t use artificial products on your hairs like bleaching , hair colors , hair sprays , hair creams , straightener and many other artificial products.
8. Keep your hairs and body clean.
9. Keep hand towel for cleaning sweats and dirt.
10. Bath in normal water temperature.

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