Constipation home remedies | 7 unbeatable ways to cure constipation

Constipation is one of the major problem that in intial seemes very normal but proves to be very dangerous at advanced stages. So here we are discussing some easy and effective constipation home remedies.

7 unbeatable constipation home remedies

1.More water – Always drink more water than average if you are a constipation surviver. You might have heard this thing from everyone to drink more water as this is because water speeds up the digestive system of human body and when digestive system becomes good your overall health will be great also. Yoga is also helpful in constipation.

2.Light dinner – Eat very light dinner as mostly peoples are lazy to go for a walk before sleeping so it is recommended that eat very light food in dinner so that I’ll be easier for your stomach to digest it and get smooth bowel movement. It is one of the major causes of constipation.

3.Avoid white flour ( maida ) – Nowadays bakery items are most of white flour and many other foods are made up of this flour, so avoid eating it as it becomes very difficult for constipation patient to digest it fast. Constipation during pregnancy and eating white flour becomes very dangerous so avoid it .

4.Eat green vegetables – Green vegetables are full of carbohydrates fibre and effective nutrients that help body to improve the digestion and get your body fit. Spinach is a must have vegetable for constipated stomach. It is best remedy for constipation treatment.

5.Excersice – Constipation is due to undigested food and foods get undigested because of our lazy schedule .We doens’t work and lets our body burn calories and just keep sitting sleeping on one place , so exercise is must to improve digestion and get rid of constipation, people that doesn’t exercise may most of the times face pains in stomach and improper bowel movement.

6.Avoid banana – Bananas should not be taken in constipation. Its very important and key element to  get fast better digestion. Some of our guys takes banana to get fat but if you are facing constipation avoid it for sometime.
Don’t give bananas to babies around age 6-10 months it casues them constipation and slow digestion.

7.Hot milk – Have a glass of hot milk at night before sleeping. This is a golden remedy to get most softer digestion. Milk is also very helpful for your health as it provides calcium and other essential nutrients needed to body.It overall improves bowel movement leads fast and easy cleaning of stomach and let constipation vanished.


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