Camping Washing Machine | Reviews | Buying Guide 2020

Camping Washing Machine- Campers usually face of this most common problem that is getting rid of dirty clothes and get washed clean sweat free clothes, so to get rid of this problem global technological institutes has discovered camping washing machine that works without electricity in portable and light weight sizes and designs.

So here we have listed out some of the best camping washing machines that solve out most of campers and travellers problems.

Camping Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative Wonder wash Camping Washing Machine

This washing machine can prove to be a great product for camping washing machine as it has non electric features so that it can easily be accessed by you at any point of time and at any place. As well as its very sleek portable and design with great built it and eco-friendly design.


  • It’s very portable and sleek in design so that it can be carried to any place as you like.
  • Machine is also very gentle to clothes so that after being using at camping you can also wash your clothes like woolens silks knits or any other sophisticated clothing in it.
  • It’s obviously a great eco-friendly machine for your laundry as it has no electricity  features and it uses 90% less water than other standard machines uses.
  • As its other hand workable machine so there is no delicate motors or parts that can be damaged so it’s a long life product.
  • A great 3 year product warranty is also given by the brand wonder wash providing you a stress free feeling.

Scrubber Portable Camping Washer Bag

This product would be a great choice as best camping washing washer as it’s very portable and lightweight and can be carried to anywhere you go anywhere you like. You can easily carry this in your bags luggage or in your hands also.


  • It’s a great product for regular travelers as you can easily wash your socks ,undergarments or other clothes as easily sitting on a chair like in garden,room, trains or anywhere.
  • After being such convenient and portable in size and design it gives you a effective washing as it has a great wash board that allows washing to its level perfect level without hurting up your hands and at comfort of your home tent camping or anywhere.
  • Washer weighs only 140 grams so so you doesn’t need to keep your dirty garments in your carry bags or backpacks as you can also store that clothes in this bag and can wash later on.
  • It’s a portable washer that is is more convenient than any other product can’t be as you doesn’t require any electricity any coins or any perks to let work you just have to get clothes detergent in bag and use some of your energy and get its work done.
  • Cons
    one of the con that can be considered for this product is it can’t wash delicate products or bigger clothes but it doesn’t matter has its very sleek and affordable product that you can use other machines for that kind of clothes.

Portable Mini Turbo Camping Washing Machine

This product can also prove to a great product for camping washing machine as it doesn’t require electricity as it works on USB power functions that gives you washing at any place you like and take it to any of places at its very sleek and lightweight washer.


  • This camping washer has a powerful brush at its bottom that cleans up the oil stains or hard dirt stains through its washing brush as the kind of ultrasonic cavitation or vibration it produces helps clothes to get washed at its best.
  • The product is very eco friendly as you doesn’t require a lot of energy and as it’s a personal laundry type machine so it uses only one third of water in comparison to standard machine uses.
  • The design is very sleek and the weight is very light as you can carry it too to your travels business meetings or at camping it’s a pocket sized washer that can be carried like handbags also.


  • Single con that can be considered for this product as it can be used for 1-2 person clothing as full family clothing won’t be that much easier in this machine.

Lavario portable Camping Clothes Washer

This washer can proves to be a great product for camping washing machine as it doesn’t require electricity and the built quality of this product is very durable giving it a long and rust free life. And obviously a great eco-friendly product because electricity consumption is nil and water usage is also very low.


  • The brand providing it is a well known and great brand so you can easily choose it as a durable and long lasting product.
  • The functioning of this camping water is very easy as you have to just operate with up and down movement with no complex actions to perform.
  • The product is very lightweight that is 10 LBS so it can be easily moved to any place you like.
  • Washer is very friendly as there is no electricity required and it uses a fraction of water that other standard for electric machines uses.
  • As being such portable and sleek in design the camping washer holds up to 10 gallons of water that is great for medium kind of laundry.
  • One of the great features of this lavario camping washing machine water is that it can wash jeans and sweatshirts also that is great feature and non electric washers.

Portable Stacked Washer and Dryer Combo Camping Washer

This mini camping washing machine proves to be a great machine for this purpose as its very portable in size instead of that it has a great feature that is it has non electric washer and dryer both in the same machine with its eco friendly features and sleek design.


  • It’s a 2 in 1 mini portable non electric washer as it has washer and dryer both in a single machine that can be used after changing the pulsator to the basket.
  • Washer contains two handles the rotatable handle gives labour saving and easy to wash feature and this foldable handle can also help turn machine faster and also be used in spin drying also.
  • The washer is very compact and design as it’s just 13.5 inches in diameter and height so it can be taken anywhere like camping colleges motor rooms apartments.
  • The product is very eco-friendly has it requires no electricity and also it uses very less amount of water and detergent comparison to other non electric or electric washing machines.
  • This portable washer can be perfectly used for hand washable ,baby clothes ,diapers ,undergarments, socks and small clothes.

Y&J Mini Hand Cranking Camping Washing Machine

This mini hand crank camping washing machine can prove to be a great solution for portable washing as the quality and built of this product is very great and is non-toxic and harmless that can either be used for sensitive clothing like baby clothes diapers and the working is very effective as its speeding is very fast for quick working.


  • The best quality of this product is high with non-toxic and harmless material used that can prove suitable for sensitive clothing like babies garments tight fitting clothes,patients garments for healthy and eco friendly working.
  • This washer can speed up to 600 revolutions per minute for spinning clothes that is very good for fast and quick packing up of work and can easily dry clothes up to capacity of 2 kgs.
  • It’s an eco-friendly design as it doesn’t require electricity and the requirement is a small amount of water detergent and clothes for easy fast and quick washing and drying up of clothes.
  • This non electric mini washing machine is very convenient to use and a great feature of this machine is as it clean and dry very fast taking time of less than 20 minutes even.

Kuppet Mini Portable Washing Machine for Camping Clothes

This washing machine has proven itself a best Camping washing machine because it’s very lighter in weight with that it has more advanced feature in it’s low weight and sleek design. It can easily be carried to any small space and perform its functioning like giant machines.


  • It has a clear lid or transparent shield to to monitor out the working and washing up of clothes at your sight.
  • This Mini Washer small size save so much of energy and water and still performs its best washing.
  • It is a single tub washer that can wash up to 15 minutes of washing also giving you option to control through its timer according to your clothing requirement.
  • Although being sleek in design it can wash clothes up to 7.7 LBS at a single time providing you options to wash clothes very easily with just putting in all clothes detergent and setting timer in it.


  • It has a single con that it it needs electricity so if electricity is not available at camping then it won’t be usable to you.


Hope you like our article on Camping Washing Machine in which we have described about some of the best camping washers that are worth spending money spending giving you a long durable product life and hassle free work

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