Body aches | Home remedies for body aches

Most of our friends might feel body aches due to some extra work or due to any disease and they can’t take medicines and go to doctors for such problems m so today we are discussing some simple & helpful home remedies for body ache

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Home remedies for body aches

1. Ginger – Ginger is very helpful in many of the body aches. It helps to cure headache joints ache and body aches aswell. It has anti inflammatory and analgesic components that helps reducing all body aches.

body aches

2. Turmeric powder – This is also very important element for all the body aches and other problems. It has anti inflammatory and healing properties that prevents reduces all types of main and boosts up immune system of body as well.

remedies for body ache

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3. Mustard oil – The component found in mustard oil allyl isothiocyanate helps body in reducing the pain caused by inflammation. You can take hot oil massage with it and can apply over body mixing it with some turmeric powder and garlic as well in some cases.

body aches

4. Epsom salt – It is rich in magnesium, which has anti-inflammatory properties that provide instant relief from sore muscles and body inflammations. You have to mix Epsom salt in hot water and soak your body part having ache and inflammation.

body aches

5. Cinnamon – It has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties that helps overall healing of body aches and improves immune system to fight against any of other harmful disease. You have to take powdered cinnamon with warm water and add some honey and consume it for better results.

body aches

6. Cold massage – You can apply cold bags to inflammatory or ached part to relax stiffed nerves and reducing pain. It is very common and effective method.

body ache remedies


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