Black jeera for weight loss ??benefits of cumin seeds for weight loss ??

Black jeera for weight loss – cumin seeds is being gathered from cuminum cyminum plant. Black jeera or black cumin is very very popular and commonly available spices in everyone’s kitchen. But people might doesn’t know that how much great benefits does jeera have in weight loss , digestion , stomach problems, ulcers, gas , adicity.

Weight loss is mostly caused by indigestion , acidity, improper bowel movements and all stomach problems but cumin seeds are such kind of ingredients that helps in stomach issues to any extent. So it is just for everyone to include jeera ( cumin seeds ) in their diets so that not any kind of stomach problem being faced by any body.

black jeera for weight loss

How does black jeera helps in weight loss ?

  • Improves digestion – We have read that above also that cumin is a great element in improving digestion that reduces extra fat from body helps liver in proper functioning and eliminates all stomach problems like gas, acidity, bloating. Overall leading to weight loss by cumin seeds.
  •  Improves respiration – Black cumin oil has a bioactive component called “Thymoquinone“, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in proper respiratory transacts which helps proper functioning of body and getting no storage of extra fats that causes obesity. Overall leading the usage of black jeera for weight loss.
  • Improves immunity power – Cumin helps keeping overall body fit and healthy leading to improve all functioning of all body parts and improving immunity, and if body is fit than obesity won’t hit that person. Overall leading to usage of black jeera for weight loss .
  • Reduces cholesterol level – Bad cholesterol is being stored by oily and high calories food that further leads to storage of fat and causes all obesity and over weight problems. Therefore cumin helps in improving digestion reducing cholesterol and melting extra fat. Overall leading to usage of black jeera for weight loss.

Benefits of taking black jeera for weight loss ??

Let’s know about some of the benefits of cumin seeds for weight loss after including it in our daily diet.

  •  Digestive enzymes – Cumin contains a lot of digestive enzymes that helps body to digest food and get fuller of its nutrients.  It also cures bowel problems like constipation ,bloating and stomach ache. Cumin also helps release of bile from liver that reduces down the extra fat from body.
  • Iron fullfilled elements – Cumin seeds are full of iron that is also very helpful for our body , it provides us over 20% of our iron requirements in just 1 teaspoon. Childrens require iron to great extent during their development and women’s also need iron for keeping menstrual cycle regular and healthy.
  • Acidity ,bloating and gas problems – Cumin seeds have that  digestive ability that melts down the excess of anything from body that is not required may be it extra fat extra cholesterol extra oil and helps in keeping body fresh and clean and protective against stomach problems that later cause acidity gas and bloating.
  •  Memory booster – Cumin helps our body by stimulating our nervous system to be more effective and efficient. This can result in a sharper memory and great control over your limbs that helps to keep memory tight and sharp.
  • Cholesterol control –  Cumin seeds helps reduction in LDL cholesterol and an increase in HDL cholesterol. That means it helps eleminating bad cholesterol and converting it into good cholesterol. Regular usage will give best results time period should be around 30-45 days.

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How to use black jeera for weight loss ??


  • Black jeera seeds + water 

There are two ways to take black jeera seeds and water.

A.) Soak black jeera seeds in normal water overnight and in morning soak back the seeds seperate and water seperate and drink water empty stomach for best results.

B.) Book black jeera seeds in water – For instant usage boil jeera/cumin seeds in water and let it get warm and soak seeds and water seperate and drink.

  •  Adding black jeera seeds in food.

A.) Cumin can be used for savouring seasoning in foods that proves to be very beneficial for everyone’s health.

B.) Cumin powder is being used for garnishing salads or in curd and butter milk kind of dairy products.

  • Raw black jeera / cumin seeds with honey

 This paste can be used for extraordinary benefits like weight loss , skin brightening and digestion benefits.

  • Eating raw black jeera / cumin seeds.

A.) Raw seeds can also be eaten as they are also beneficial for gas , acidity and bloating problems.

B.) Methi ajwain kala jeera should also be taken for most health benefits as methi / Fenugreek seeds also helps in burning fat and reducing cholesterol as well ajwain is also digestive booster and melts extra fat from body and black cumin is beneficial in any of ways.

black jeera for weight loss


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 Q.) Is kala jeera good for weight loss ??

Ans.) Yes it is very helpful for weight loss , it helps body in many ways.
1. Improves digestion

2. Improves respiration

3. Improves immunity power

.4. Reduces cholesterol level

Overall leading to weight loss by Kala jeera.

 Q.) What are benefits of kala jeera ??

There are many of the benefits of kala jeera 
1. Great digestive enzymes

2. Iron fullfilled elements

3. Helps in acidity bloating gas problems

4. Memory booster

5. Cholesterol control.

Q.) Does black Seed oil help you lose weight ?

Ans.) Yes it very helpful in reducing weight if taken in a proper way.

Q.) Can we drink jeera water daily ?

Ans.) Yes , jeera water can and should be taken daily for best results.
It helps as digestive system booster ,bad  cholesterol remover and inflammatory problems as well.


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