6 Best Hair Blow Dryers for Straightening Hairs in 2020

Everyone loves to have beautiful, smooth, silky hairs but straight hairs are most trending now. It gives more grace to personality ,enriches looks giving it more professional view than before.

Getting frizzy curly hairs to straighten is not a easy task itself but with the help of new advanced technologies and modern tools work has become so much easier. Here we’ll be discussing some of the best hair dryer for straightening hairs to choose.

Here we’ll be discussing about some of the best hair dryers that straightens hairs with so much of ease and grace and doesn’t damages hair as well keeping them straight and silky for a much longer time than ordinary ones.

Best Hair Dryer for Straightening Hairs

     BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Straightening Hairs
BaBylissPRO is greatly reputated brand so you might not hasitate thinking of it’s quality, working and after sale services. Best thing about this brand hair blowers are that doesn’t compromise anywhere in quality and design that suits every customer and takes place a super fast space in their favourite styling products list.

Let’s know about the best of features of this hair dryer BaBylissPRO BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer and why you should purchase it.


  • This model dryer designed in such a way that it has a rubberized finish & comfort grip to hold , move and use it in any way you want to use for straightening your frizzy hairs. It’s such a great feature.
  • This model has a special feature that is Ionic technology and far-infrared heat drying which helps you to get the work done very fast. As in morning while going to office or parties when there’s hurry this model work very fast and effective.
  • It’s iconic technology and infrared rays also releases that natural ions which helps hairs getting natural straightening even after a long time of using it. It combats frizz & static from inside naturally without damaging hairs and maintaining moisture inside them.
  • Works great for thick and most frizzy hairs. Over-all a great blower for hair straightening and shine.

Additional important to know features

  • It includes 6 heat/speed settings , a cold shot button and a 9′ long cord providing professional look.
  • 1900 watts power capacity that emits millions of ion for extra shine and healthier hairs.
  • Brand provides 3 years warranty against all manufacturing defects and faults.
  • Sound pitch is low that’s key feature of best blow dryers.

RUSK Engineering W8less professional Dryer

Best Hair Blow Dryer for Straightening Hairs
RUSK is also one of the most reputed and premium salon brand in the world. Than again no compromise in quality , design , working and after sale services.

Let’s know about it’s great feature that RUSK Engineering W8less professional Dryer provides and why you should buy it.

  • The best feature of this RUSK dryer is it’s very light weight and is very easy and superior to handle and use for styling long and hard sort type of hairs. And can easily be used for a long run and also contains a powerful motor as well.
  • Product quality consists of ceramic and tourmaline coated that gains high amount of heat in very short period of time and at same time doesn’t burn down hair and protect tresses to get damaged.Like wise quality is amazing.
  • The ionic technology and far-infrared ions emissions through this dryer work really great as it straighten up the hairs very effectively by getting ions in middle hairs and doesn’t dry up the outer hair by using ionic technology by locking moisture in between hairs. Techniques used in it is commendable.

Additional important to know features

  • Includes 6 heat/speed settings and 8 foot long cord that ensure tangle free and efficient use.
  • 2000 watt powerful motor making it light weight yet much effective in working that provides it a long life.
  • Removable rear filter for easy cleaning and polishing purpose.
  • 2 years warranty provided by brand but you will never face any problem even after 10 years.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Straightening Hairs
No doubt BaByliss brand is amazing that it maintains top position in all hair products and accessories and hair dryers are one of their speciality. So these brands are always suggested to buy and have a place in your dressing sets.

Let’s know about best of the features of BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium dryer and why you should purchase it.

  • The model provides you the lightweight ergonomic handling that helps you to style and straight hairs in very effective manner by moving and adjusting blower efficiently.
  • Additionally a concentrator nozzle is also being provided for wide range of drying and styling options. Moreover it is also very effective to get the frizz out of your hairs and providing it a straight long sleek look.
  • The ionic technology creates gentle and even heat ( it’s a superb feature) . Its dries up the hair with even layering and doesn’t over or low drying of hairs as well doesn’t damages the hair quality as well.

Additional important to know features

  • 6 heat/speed settings that allows functioning on your tips effective and easy.
  • 2000 watts powerful motor creates millions of ions to work fast and even without damaging that other low quality products can do.
  • Cool shot button is also provided to keep the already styled hairs in shape and look.
  • A long tangle free swivel cord is there to ensure freedom of movement and great efficiency.
  • A great 4 year warranty period is provided to you but you won’t need it as it’ll last for more than 10+ years easily.


Professional Ionic Salon hair dryer ( Brand Trezoro )

Best Hair Blow Dryer for Straightening Hairs
We have listed out this product for you after very fine and keen researching as this product is providing many of the great features that other brands are providing but also the price feature is very reasonable in this and a great blow dryer for natural black hairs.

Let’s know about this Profession Ionic Salon hair dryer by a very reputated brand Trezero

  • This product has a inbuilt feature that provides Advanced Ion Generator which helps to boost up the level and speed of work as it emits much larger quantity of Ions than other do letting your work done very fast and effectively.
  • The motor provided in it is very powerful and life long containing a power of 2200 watts in it and reviews provided is showing that product life is very very good. That makes it a product to choose from.
  • Much specialized 2 nozzle concentrators are also provided in it to meet various of your demands like different styling of hairs be it frills , curly , straight and hairs of any quality be it thick thin or medium also.
  • Handling is also good as body provides premium soft touch and design is also considered as very flexible and easy to move.

Additional important to know features.

  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings are provided with 2 nozzle concentrator for much better styling and straightening.
  • 2200 watts powerful motor does works really fast and effective.
  • Weight is just 1.5 pound making it most reasonable weight after getting these features.
  • 9 foot cord made up of safe insulating material that provided more durability and life to it.

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Straightening Hairs
Panasonic is such a old and highly reputable brand that you can trust upon. This brand is famous and active for innovating new techniques that help customers to get work done effectively and efficiently both at same time and at minimum costs. It can easily be considered as best hair dryer for straightening hair.

Let’s know about this product Panasonic nanoe Dryer newly innovative product designed by panasonic

  • This dryer has a special technology called nanoe particals emmision. That’s why its name is nanoe dryer , the major motive of this feature it is that it reduces the amount of damages that other low quality dryers do.
  • As it draws the moisture from air to gently infuse nanoe particals making hairs dry gently instead of making them dry off and damaged like split ended or weak pore hairs.
  • 2. It provides dual air flow design that let’s the hair drying fast and very even because of not getting high pressure from a single nozzle and one of it’s additional feature that get’s out of this is it provides much more volume to hairs in comparison of others.
  • 3. It contains 2 speed and 3 temperature settings for different styling and time periods. And it also contains a cool shot to keep hairs in same condition as it is styled.

Additional important to know features

  • Power usage through this hair blower is 1875 watts yet very effective in working.
  • Great technology of nanoe particals blowing to keep hairs more hydrated and dry and straight at same times.
  • A long 9 foot cord with convenient handling loop is also provided for long life and durability.
  • Brands provides 2 years warranty but it’ll not be in use as reviews and usage stating it’s long life.

Parlux 3200 Plus Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Straightening Hairs
Parlux Plus Hair Dryer a product by brand PARLUX is a very fine innovation by them. The key feature of this brand products is their products durability and longer life with more professional looks. Users will always feel enjoyment of using it as a brand new product and innovation.

Let’s know about some of the best features of Parlux 3200 Plus Hair Dryer and why you should purchase it.

  • One of the best feature and benefit of this hair dryer is that it is very lightweight hair dryer that gives you the easy of handling as well created up of ergonomic handle that gives more balance and support while moving and using it to through all hairs to straight them.
  • Its also has a greater feature that supplies power to hair blower with one suction concept that means it would ensure very quiet working or lower noice with effecient work at same time. Great for those who doesn’t like loud sound.
  • Its a made in Italy hair dryer therefore well tested with Ciaramella K- LAMINATION motor that assures all the users that it’ll give a very long life with powerful working and can be stated as best blow dryer for curly hairs.

Additional important to know features

  • It works great with thick hairs that have hard frizz and curls.
  • Consists of 1900 watt powerful motor.
  • Ensuring a motor life of more than 2000 hours.
  • Equipped with 2 nozzles having uses one for getting hairs straight and one for keeping them in shape for a longer time.


Hair dryers will now be parts of everyone’s life so choosing it wisely for longer use and efficient work is very important, that’s why we have researched in deep going through all product elements to reviews and than choosing the best hair dryer for straightening hair which will be best suitable ones for you. You can trust us and choose from above listed best hair dryer for straightening hair as well can surely encourage us by using product and giving reviews on our site also.

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