Top 7 Best Commercial Washing Machine for 2020

Best commercial washing machine – If you are looking for best commercial washer than you are at right place because after detailed studies , reviews , usage and expert advice we had selected some of the best commercial washer available in market and also best professional commercial washing machine for money.

Commercial washer machines are mostly used for large quantity of clothes or big laundry activities either in hotels spas saloons any other bigger management so for this much load and high usage you must require best commercial washer and dryer. So for your convenience we got best commercial laundry machines in our list that can’t be ignored as they are just superb.

Best Commercial Washing Machine

Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Commercial Washing Machine

This speed queen commercial heavy duty washer is perfect choice for your needs as it maintains all the essential qualities that makes machine great and that’s why its in our choice.

As it has advanced top loading wash design with easy navigation electronic touch pad with high quality inside and outside parts with powerful agitator heavy motor and great balanced suspension design. A total value for money product.

best commercial washing machine


  • It has top loading washing design.
  • A strong agitator is included in this commercial washer.
  • Product quality is superb that is porcelain coated steel outer tub that won’t chip ,crack and corrode and lasts very long.
  • An electronic touch pad control is provided in this commercial grade washer.
  • A solid mount suspension system is included in it with a full steel base and heavy duty springs for best balance,performance and less vibration.
  • An auto fill option is provided to take the guesswork of how much water is needed to machine to ensure best washing of clothes.
  • A traditional full size agitator is also provided that rotates basket with it including series of long and short strokes for giving nice,gentle and effective wash.
  • A top load stainless steel wash tub for gentle heavy working and corrosion free life.


  • Product quality is very superior.
  • Powerful motor machine lodged for effective and fast working.
  • Washes heavy and high quantity of clothes very easily.
  • Fabulous agitator included for more cleaning and gentle wash.
  • Top load stainless steel tub for heavy gentle wash and long life.


  • Hose not included.

Speed Queen TR5000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer

Speed queen is again is best brand in commercial washing machines as the quality they provide is total up to the mark with high end performance and advanced features like top load design electronic touch control powerful agitator well balanced design and lots more features described below. A great value for money commercial industrial washing machine.


  • This commercial washing has top loading washing design.
  • An electronic touch pad control for navigation like wash speed, time, and mode setting.
  • A solid mount suspension system provided with full steel base and heavy duty springs for maintaining balance structure and heavy duty performance.
  • The full tub wash and rinse fills entire tub with water and detergent to achieve full usage of washer with maximum cleanliness.
  • The powerful agitator provides 210 agitation and 68 strokes per minute providing great clean with gentle washing as well.
  • 1 HP variable seed motor for commercial grade wash performance.
  • A corrosion free stainless steel tub provided for gentle harmful wash on clothes providing longer life to parts and last longing performance.
  • Lid can be opened at anytime you like as no lid lock given to disturb your work.


  • Powerful motor
  • Digital display for regulating functions.
  • Heavy performance agitator.
  • Well balanced superior design.
  • Superior product quality porcelain coated steel outer tub with durable 3 coat finish.


  • Hose not included.

Electrolux Titanium Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS627UTT 27 Washer and EFME627UTT 27 Electric Dryer

Electrolux is again a very good brand providing best commercial washer because of their superior quality and highly advanced features and technology. The technology they use isn’t comparable with any of machines as it work far mostly on sensors. You doesn’t have to do any kind of manual working. The commercial dryer provided is so much fast and superior that doesn’t spoils any clothes grace and keeps it in original form. Value for money aspect is high in this product as well.



  • This commercial washer is most effective stain removing washer as it has smart boost feature that premixes water and detergent before the washing begins.
  • It includes world’s first adaptive dispenser that let you wash with any kind of detergent you like to get best and gentle cleans.
  • It has a great feature called Perfect Steam that cleans tough and hard stains by gently lifting dirt and stains from fibers.
  • This commercial washer does cleaning with Lux care wash system that offers thorough clean with better movement, temperature control and smart load sensing for longer working life.
  • It has extra large capacity that cleans with large 4.4 Cu ft. drum for heavy quantities of clothes.
  • It has automatic water level adjustment that modifies water level according to your quantity of clothes.
  • A control lock feature is also given to insure washer remains closed while washing clothes.
  • 9 cycles feature is given to take care of your every fabric that are delicate, knitted ,party wear clothes, white clothes and others.


  • A predictive dry feature is provided in it to know after 90 seconds a more accurate time to which your clothes will be dried to perfection so you don’t have to keep check on load.
  • A Lux Care sensor is provided for advanced drying to protect your clothes from over drying and making sure that you won’t get out wet clothes from dryer.
  • An instant refresh cycle ( Prefect Steam )  included removes wrinkles and quick refresh clothes with steam within 10 minutes.
  • Drying capacity is very high that can dry up to 8.0 Cu ft each load that helps to get work done super fast.
  • A Luxury-Quiet sound system is provided in it that makes dryer such quiet that no one nearby will get disrupted while drying.
  • A control lock is also given in dryer to help avoiding unwanted usage by people or babies.

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Crossover Non-Metered 120 Volts Front Load Commercial Washer

This can be a best commercial washer for home as the features provided in it are commendable and a very genuine product for doing heavy laundry the water usage in it is 60% lesser in comparison to other and drying time is 15 minutes faster that saves hell lot of time and energy. This commercial washer is ADA Compliant also so total sureity of quality and performance.


  • This commercial grade washer is superior in every way to home style washing machines on the market.
  • The machines uses 60% less water than other machines and dries 15 minutes faster in comparison to other commercial washing machines.
  • It can cover up to 15000 cycles of commercial use reliability.
  • Its energy star rated product.
  • The commercial washer is ADA compliant that means there is no chance of doubts on product quality and performance.
  • It can be great choice for in house laundry operations such like central apartment laundry rooms, vets animal groomer, hotel guest laundries, saloons and many other places.
  • It has extra large drums that is 22+ pound double capacity for high loads and faster washes.
  • Product maintenance is very low.
  • Washer is of professional quality with heavy duty bearings, seals and suspension for super long and reliable life.


  • Quality is very durable.
  • Loading capacity is very much sufficient.
  • Easy functioning by buttons.
  • Less water usage.
  • Heavy fast dryer working.


  • No Cons

SPEED QUEEN Home Style Mechanical Top Load Washer

Speed queen is top brand for commercial washing machines so you doesn’t have to think much about quality and performance and the features it provides are heavy quality stainless steel tub durable outside body, a curved 4 vane agitator with different type of cycles according to type and quantity of clothes. A great product for your place and you’ll genuinely love it.

best commercial washer


  • This top load commercial washer comes with 3.19 cu ft. capacity that can wash a load up to 16 lbs of clothes.
  • A stainless steel tub indulged for gentle washing and corrosion free long life.
  • A curved 4 vane strong polypropylene agitator is included in it for easy soaking and rotation of clothes in wash loader.
  • A solid mount suspension system is provided in it for maintaining balance and heavy duty performance in this commercial washer.
  • A manual home style control is provided for easy to start activation by indication “In Use”.
  • There are different types of cycles available that you can change according to type of clothes, the cycle includes
  1. Soak/pre-wash

  2. Heavy duty/permanent press

  3. Normal eco

  4. Delicate


  • Mechanical control washer for great navigational controlling.
  • Solid mount suspension system.
  • Stainless steel inner tub.
  • Heavy durable outside body.
  • Curved 4 vane strong agitator.


  • No water level control or sensor alarm for filling water.
  • Bit overpriced but quality performance is on point.

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White Front Load Laundry Pair with WAT28400UC 24 Washer and WTG86400UC 24 Electric Dryer

This washer can easily be included is best commercial washing machine list for 2020 as the technology provided is advanced and is qualified with Energy star that guarantees adorable quality and performance and other sensors included are greatly useful like eco silence for quieter working and fast washing time. A must buy product for longer heavy duty usage.


  • This commercial washer is manufactured by brand BOSCH washer and dryer set.
  • This 300 series Bosch washer is Energy Star Qualified that gives high surety of great quality and performance.
  • This washer provides up to 40% faster washing time in comparison to other washers.
  • The Eco Silence motor delivers very quiet, efficient and long lasting performance.
  • The washer loading capacity is high and installation process is also very simple easily understandable by everyone.

Top Load Washer, White, 44-1/4″ H Commercial Washing Machine

This commercial top loader washing machine is a great choice for your need as it has many essential important features like different wash cycle different soil levels different temperature controls and fabric softener dispenser that are most needed and rarely found so this can’t be ignored. Size is compactible also for more comfort and looks. Experts also selected it as a deserved product to be in best commercial washer list.


  • This commercial washer contains a 4.1 Cu Ft. capacity stainless steel drum for washing clothes gently and providing machine a rust free longer life.
  • It includes 14 wash cycles / 5 soil levels / 4 temperatures controls in digital controller.
  • A fabric softener dispenser is also include in it for keeping delicate clothes in new condition and giving hardened old clothes a new life.
  • Its a non-stackable product with 3-prong plug type.

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Hope you like our article on Best Camping Washing Machine in which we have selected out best of the available and worthy camping washers that full fills best laundry requirement for you and gives durable and long life products.

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